New Animal Crossing for 3DS expected for early 2013


For the Nintendo 3DS, handheld gamers can anticipate a new Animal Crossing coming in the next several months. The game will feature more visually appealing houses, clothes designed to look like QR codes so you can trade and exchange with other players, and set the lifestyle of the town to your preference. For example, if you are a night owl, you can set it so that the town never sleeps. I you’re an early bird, you can set it so that the towards up early. The game is expected to go beyond previous games with guided growth of the town and all the decorating options that will be available.

There will be a new mayor (RIP Tortimer) and there is more customizable furniture for the new designed homes. With so many new features added into the game, along with so much more customization and design options, Animal Crossing: New Life can be an anticipated title for the 3DS.

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